Stay Connected in 2024

Pastor Andy Lambert   -  

We want everyone to know about every chance you have to join together as a church family under one roof to worship together. This is important so we can encourage one another, pray with one another, rejoice with each other, and fellowship with each other – we need each other! That being said, please make sure you are aware of all our church service times:


  • Sunday School at 9:45am ~ We have classes for all ages and this is a great time to study the Word of God and learn how to dig deep into His Word.


  • Sunday Morning Worship at 11:00am ~ We have Praise & Worship where we will sing Praises to His Name, followed by a sermon guided to help each of us to grow DEEPER and STRONGER in our Christian Faith. Some of the sermons for 2024 will also help us to get back to the basics of our Walk with God, removing the distractions and help us to focus on being a disciple of Christ.


  • Sunday Afternoon/Evening Timeframe ~ This will be a time for each of our groups and departments within our church to gather for a time of fellowship. Our Women’s Ministry will use this time for their Women’s Ministry Meetings and fellowship; our Men’s Ministry will be starting a time to gather for a devotional, Bible Study and fellowship time; our Young Adults will use this time to meet for devotional and activities such as bowling, axe throwing and more. These are just a few of the examples of things that will take place on Sunday Afternoons. We will be sure to announce those in plenty of time so everyone will have an opportunity to be a part of each group.


  • Wednesday Gathered Bible Study at 6:30pm ~  This is a time for classes of all ages to GATHER together and have a wonderful time of Bible Study. We use this as a time to GATHER – come together, bring together and assemble together from a spread our or scattered state. We want to continue to GATHER and GROW together as a Church Family.



We want to make sure EVERYONE knows about our methods of Communication to our Church Family. We have many things that could happen and take place such as deaths, prayer request, weather alerts, cancelation of church services, as well as activities and events, and we want everyone at CV to know all that is happening around Coosa Valley. You can change your choices of how to receive these communications by visiting CV CONNECT (click here –> To see a video of how CV CONNECT can work best for you, click here –> Below, you will find all of our communication methods:



  • CV E-News ~ Make sure we have your email address on file so you can receive email 2-3 times each week with urgent prayer requests, announcements and news that are happening around CV. Please make sure you read these each time to stay connected!!! (You can text your email address to 205.642.8744 or email it to


  • CV Text Tree ~ We have Daily Bible Verse, Prayer Team, Women’s & Men’s Ministry and more that receive text throughout the week to help our CV FAMILY Stay Connected. To sign up, text the keyword START to 205.642.8744





  • PRAYER REQUEST / PRAISE REPORTS ~ We want our church family to partner together in times of PRAYER. To submit a Prayer Request or a Praise Report, visit Once submitted, it will be sent via email to our entire church, sent via text to those who have signed up for Prayer Team Texts, and a social media post will be made with a link back to the Prayer Wall on our Web Site. If you choose for the request to be PRIVATE, it will not be sent out to the Prayer Team, you can also text Prayer Request and Praise Reports to the church or call the church at 205.642.8744 option 7 and Pastor Andy will get those and pray with you concerning the Prayer Request. Unless stated, those will NOT be posted for the entire Prayer Team.


  • CV WEB SITE ~ Last by not least, the biggest and best way to STAY CONNECTED is the CV WEB SITE at Everything about CV is found in one place here. You can see links to our Social Media Pages, View Sermon Outlines, Live Feed Options, Online Giving and SO MUCH MORE!!! Visit today and browse to find all things CV!!!



We will start using a new method for devotionals and promoting of Bible Reading times; we will use the YouVersion Bible App. You can download the YouVersion App on your Apple or Android Mobile Device. Once you have downloaded the App on your phone, click this link –> to set Coosa Valley Church of God as your “My Church” inside the app. We will use the YouVersion App to share devotionals and Bible Reading times throughout the year.



So that everyone knows about weather related alerts and other circumstances to which our church would need to close or cancel. We will try to always alert through all our avenues of communications by 4:30pm on Wednesday and by 7:30am on Sunday, prior to services. Also, as always, please use your best judgement concerning coming to service as related to weather conditions in our area. Also, use your best judgement concerning your own health. Please make sure that if you are sick, running a fever, and other symptoms, please remain home and join us on LIVE FEED. 



We have different ways that you can support the ministries and mission programs here at the Coosa Valley Church of God. Throughout the year, we have several opportunities to help in raising funds for the ministry and mission programs at CV, listed below are just a few of them:


  • Each ministry (Kids, Teens, Young Adults, Women’s Ministry) may have fundraisers to help raise the money for activities or events they have planned. It could be anything from a car wash to gift card sales. These monies will help these ministries do things such as our teens go to Winterfest and Youth Camp, our Women’s Ministry support Mission Projects, our Young Adults go on a trip, or our kids have a pizza party. You can also give towards these ministries by any of our Giving Options listed below, be sure to select or mark on the tithe envelope the ministry you wish to give to.


  • When you bring bags of aluminum cans and place it in the can cage near the parking lot or after a church fellowship, you place your drink can in the BLUE can in the fellowship hall, you are helping us to support any of the many Mission Projects here at CV. We take those cans to recycle them throughout the year and all the monies goes into the CV MISSION program.


  • There is a glass jar near the drive-thru entrance of the foyer and when you place your coins (or dollar bills) into this jar, all monies help us continue to support the Home for Children Orphanage in Sevierville, TN.


  • The shirts and books that are located in the foyer are FREE and you can take what you need. We do ask that you give a donation to the Building Fund. This fund helps will the up keep for different things around our buildings, to include the AC and Heating units and much more. 


  • Each Christmas, the Sunday School Classes decorate their class doors and then the church will vote on which door is first place. The votes are $1 and all monies goes to help us in our support for the Home for Children Orphanage. (The winning class gets a pizza party!!) This is just a fun way to teach our kids and teens about supporting Missions.


Your monetary giving goes a long way in the support of the operation, ministries, and mission programs here at Coosa Valley Church of God. Below is a listing of all the ways you can give to Coosa Valley Church of God.



Finally, we want each person to know what the categories you choose in your giving take care of in the operating, mission and ministry work here at CV.


  • TITHES ~ Cleaning for the church; Insurance that covers all the property and buildings; Software used for the functioning of the church services and day-to-day operation; Many of the Ministry related expenses, such as education, ministry related trips, music license and supplies, and Web Site and Domain;  All of the Pastor’s Expenses, which include Education, Insurance, Taxes, Retirement, Salary, and Reimbursement Expenses; a majority of the Utilities for the operation of the three church buildings, such as Gas, Internet, Pest Control, Phones, Power, Trash, and Water; and our Tithe of Tithe that goes to the State and International Offices each month, which 5% for each of all the monies given in Tithes.


  • GENERAL FUND ~ Basic supplies such as cleaning, copier and office supplies; items for times of fellowship and outreach; Sunday School and class literature; and some of the utilities not under Tithes.


  • BUILDING FUND ~ Upkeep and maintenance of all our buildings, as well as starting in 2023, a Capital Fundraising Program for the Sanctuary Heating and Cooling Units.


  • CV MISSIONS / MISSION PROJECTS ~ Missions are a big part of the outreach that CV participates in. We use the finances for the Missions Programs at CV. Some programs that we provide for include, but not limited to, are: Ann’s New Life ($2,400 a year), Backpack Buddies (Pell City Schools; $2,400 a year), Camp Utopia ($1,800 a year), Home for Children ($2,400 a year), YWEA ($1,200 a year), and other General Mission Programs. Also, as a part of our Missions program, we have our Benevolence Ministry (we allocated $2,500 a year, but can change as the need arises). We at CV believe in providing a “hand up” to individuals who may need. All information for this Ministry Program is confidential and under the direction of the Admin Leadership Team and the Lead Pastor.


Pastor Andy Lambert

Phone Call / Text: 205.642.8744 ext 101